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//Why Freelancing?

Why Freelancing?

Nowadays, earning money is not so complicated, if you have a talent on something that you know that you are good at, then you can use it and make money from it.

Some companies in U.S.A. and in Canada are into hiring freelancers, I know you know why. Yes, we are facing the fact that the number one reason is that freelancers can be paid for cheaper amount, rather than hiring an employee that they need to invest to provide trainings, offer a good contract, and likes.

Let me give you one benefit of being freelancer. Freelancing, or home base employments find their work easier, because they don’t need to work according to a given time or maintained schedule, they have option to choose work hour, clients and unlimited income potential. For others, freelancing is just a part time job or unsure job. Unsure in the sense of, unstable job does not give a concrete assurance that you will still have a job for tomorrow; but here is the thing, job security is a myth. “NO JOB IS SECURE”, so we can never say that being employed is more secured than freelancing work, most especially today.

It is true that freelancing is a not-so-sure employment; it always requires a very good outcome and not just a good work result. Unlike to being a full time employee, they need to work hard for them to keep their job and I may say that some are doing their tasks just to meet their deadlines. And one thing that annoys me is that, people think that you have all the time to do whatever you want because of being a freelancer. Some says, “hawak mo naman oras mo”; of course yes, freelancers have flexible time but does not limited to not having a scheduled deliverables. We are also required to an 8-hour duty daily, we do overtimes, and because we are at home, working beyond working hours is considered.
I can say that freelance work is not for everyone, this is for those individuals who have guts, exceptional skills, and confidence to complete a job on a non-governed environment.

Let us explore more the advantage and disadvantage of freelancing.

Advantage of freelancing
• You can work whenever you want, like from home, coffee shop and mall without proper wearing
• It’s easier to schedule your time, it is the main benefits of freelancing, because it totally depend on you what time you want to work.
• You can choose your projects instead of being assigned them
• You can use your prefer software that you are comfortable of
• You can access any sites that help you aren’t blocked by company restriction
• You can schedule breaks or vacations whenever it’s convenient
• You will learn a lot about business and finances, something which has help you in many areas.
• Your earning completely depend on the quantity of work you do.
• You have national exposure; you are promoting yourself globally, you can have work for clients across the country.

Disadvantage of freelancing
• You can get lonely at times because you don’t have office mate
• You can’t get the creative spontaneity that you would by working with other people.
• You have to promote yourself constantly to increase your clientele
• You’re require to spend time searching for decent client, if you are thinking that getting decent clients is very easy, then you are absolutely wrong, because there are various scammer who can make your work without paying money
• You’re easier to get distracted if you have kids, or if someone visit you, you will be obligated to sit with them
• Family and friends have the tendency to interrupt you while you’re working
• You can be stressful juggling multiple projects
• You have to buy all your own equipment and software
• It took a lot of time to establish your name as freelancer, you need a decent portfolio to convince them to hire you
• Lack of benefits available as freelance worker, you don’t have holiday, insurances and allowances
• Freelance can be nightmare for people who are not good with deadlines

Some people think that freelancing is very easy. Well, this may sound easy, but in reality this is way too tough . Before you start doing freelancing, you must understand your strength and weakness. There are many advantage and disadvantage to freelance work, this is all based on my own experience as freelancer.
What do you think is better, a freelance job or being company employed? Let me know by commenting below.

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