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//How to improve your site’s Google ranking

How to improve your site’s Google ranking

How to improve your site's Google ranking

Google is now one of the most prominent platforms in the web and great ranking here is what matters the most for every business. Google has its own algorithms to rank the page higher in their search results. However, the ways they use are always confidential. Nevertheless, you can well place your page higher in this search engine by using some simple yet effective tricks. Here, we will discuss the ways to improve your site’s ranking in Google.

Top ways to improve your site ranking in Google

There are a number of ways which you can well use to get some prominent ranks in this particular search engine. However, the below discussed are some of the best ways to get some great results within a short span of time.

Content is King:

It can be said that there is no substitute for a great content. In this world of digital marketing, content is simply stealing the show. So, always try to get the best quality content for your blog or website. Apart from just having some great relevant contents, one more thing which should be kept in mind that, try to use appropriate keyword phrases. The best way to do so is, think yourself as a reader and what would you search in Google to land in that specific page and that is how to get to know the best keyword or key phrase.


This is just another important thing when you are trying to get higher ranks in Google Search Engine. There are some few types of Metadata which everyone should use you while designing a website.

Each and every website have some specific space to add these data on your website and Google uses these data to get you a higher rank in the search engines. The below are some of the Metadata which you should use while designing your webpage.

1. Title Metadata: One of the most important data of any website, this is used for the main Title of the webpage.
2. Description Metadata: This covers all the write-ups of your webpage, excluding Titles and Key Phrases. A great Meta Description will always place you higher in the Google Search results.
3. Keyword Metadata: This is the most important part of your webpage as this is what will help you to increase traffic and as a result, you can be promoted to the prominent pages of the Google Search results.

Alternative Tags:

Just like content is important, visuals are also pretty much important for a higher rank in Google Search Engine. That is the reason why using alt tags is always a great option. What this does is, these tags help Google to find your page easily, which is of course important.

Thus, among several ways of improving your site rank in Google, the above are some of the best ways to do the same faster.

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