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//Review : Rakk Kimat RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Review : Rakk Kimat RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Review : Rakk Kimat RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

A keyboard is one of the main peripherals when it comes to computer gaming. Thus, having a great keyboard is always a great idea and advantage. There are many companies who produce mechanical gaming keyboard with some great specifications. One such company is RAKK which now have two new mechanical keyboards in their stock. Here we will be discussing the Kimat RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

EasyPc, the brand which was established in 2003 and soon after with popularisation they started making gaming peripherals under the name of RAKK. RAKK is known for producing some of the best quality products which perfectly suits the budget too. The below discussed is the detailed review of RAKK Kimat RGB keyboard meant for gaming.

First things first, let us start with the specifications of this particular keyboard from RAKK


– 87 keys on the board
– Aluminum covered top
– RGB lighting
– Multimedia keys
– 5 different profile colors
– Gateron Black Mechanical Switch

If you consider the price range in which this keyboard comes, these are some of the greatest specifications someone can get. So, if you are into gaming and willing to try a new mechanical keyboard, then this keyboard from RAKK can surely serve you the purpose.

Now, coming to the packing from RAKK, it is not that fancy. They tried to keep it simple and budget friendly. Thus, it is said, do not go by the packaging style as it the keyboard which is going to perform, not the cover outside. Here are the things which one will be getting with the box.

Contents of the Box

1. Mechanical Keyboard
2. Detachable USB Connector
3. Keycap Puller
4. Start-up Guide

Now that you are well known to the fact that this particular keyboard is a great budget gaming keyboard which comes with a lot of specifications. Now, we will see an in-detailed verdict for the same.


One thing which can be well said that this keyboard will not disappoint you. One thing which is a concern for some gamers is as this is a black switch keyboard (stiff keys), blue switch gamers might take a bit time to get accustomed.

Build Quality:

Though the keyboard is mainly made of plastic, no dents and flexes are seen while gaming. In a word this keyboard comes in pretty decent build quality.

Functions: This is the best part of the keyboard. At this price range, the company has managed to put all the possible functions in the keyboard with pretty goof functionalities.


Apart from a pretty simple packaging, there is nothing to complain about his keyboard. Keeping in mind the functions of the keyboard, one more thing should also be considered is the cap puller, which comes with it. Even some of the flagship models fail to provide the same. In a word, this is a great gaming laptop with a lot of features and does fit into your budget.

Thus, this keyboard must be in your next gaming wishlist.

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