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//Tips to Create the Profile That Gets You Hired

Tips to Create the Profile That Gets You Hired

Tips to Create the Profile That Gets You Hired

It is not easy for a freelancer to get hired without a proper profile. The profile of a freelancer is always filled with some unique expertise and skill. Thus it is very important to have a professional profile that stands out well with the qualifications of that freelancer. The profile must be unique from every aspect and must have the caliber to attract the clients. Having a well organized professional profile is always an advantage for a freelancer to get more projects comparing to the other freelancers who are having the same qualification. So if you do not have a profile which would help you to get hired then here are the few tips make a profile which might help you to get hired.

Tips to set up a professional profile


• Professional photo:

A friendly and professional photo is very important as the first impression is the last impression. Unlike the pictures you put on your social networking sites, you have to be dressed well mannerly. A professional photo does not mean you have to use a DSLR. A normal camera would do the job very well. You just have to make sure that the resolution is high and the photo is in focus.

• Short title and description on point:

the clients do not like to spend a handful of time to go through the unnecessary things in your profile. So make your title short and on point so that it can make a good impact on the client. It is recommended to use less than 10 words for your title.

• Adding an overview:

An overview is a section where you can state your experience in the specific profession, your skill, your work and things like these. Basically, by going through your overview the potential clients will get attracted. In your overview, you get a chance to let the clients know about your works and skills and little about yourself.

• Introduction video:

Adding an introduction video might not be always necessary but it increases the chance of creating an impact on the clients. It is recommended to make your introductory video not more than a minute. In that video you can pitch working skill, why you can be beneficiary for the clients, working experience you hold on that specific profession. At the end of the video, you must end it by thanking the viewer and conveying your desire in working with them in the coming future.

• Listing of your skills:

list as many skills you have relating to your profession. You must list at least 5 to 10 skills which help in your relevant profession.

• Past works:

While setting up a profile, it is always recommended to add your past works. This will not only help your clients to get an idea of your skills but also this proves that you do have experience. So adding a portfolio is always beneficial.

Therefore it can be well stated that setting up a profile is not that tough if you keep in mind some basic tips. So if you are one of them who are looking to set up a professional profile for online works, then follow these tips to stand amongst your competitors.

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