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//Myths About Freelancers That Are Absolutely Not True

Myths About Freelancers That Are Absolutely Not True

Myths About Freelancers That Are Absolutely Not True

When it is an upward trend in the online freelancing world, there are still some young people that are not confident of choosing this home-based freelancing business. There are 5 basic freelancing myths to cross check. Honestly speaking, you must not go behind under fear that your career will be smashed. Instead, do proper navigation and probing to have the authentic facts in this regard.

Here are five of the most purveyed myths that hold back people from taking the leap.

• No Job Security: I tend to laugh at this one, only because many folks act as if there is such a thing as “job security” when they are employed by someone else. The benefits of freelancing are that you can have work with a number of clients.

When it is a permanent job offer with monthly salary option, you have to depend on the same employer without any alternative option. Most rich people will tell you: The key to making more money is adding more revenue streams. So, be cunning and smart.

• We are alone: Well, it is really painful to stay at home to clear assignment round the clock. None is able to force himself to make longer stays in the bedroom for earning money. See, I also support your view. Don’t make yourself totally bored without changes. For this reason, I preferred to visit cafeterias, local computer centers, and a friend’s house as well to hit the virtual freelancing portal for mood refreshment. You are at liberty to enjoy online freelancing without stress.

• No Training –No Experience: I had 5 years experience of working in the industry. That might not seem a lot, but I felt that in order to learn more and progress quickly I had to go it alone.

A few years back, I joined the online freelancing without any training, information, and experience to top it all. I learned step by step. Overnight you can’t be a master. Heat up yourself to do research that makes you interested. Take an online course, blogs, and video clips to sharpen your knowledge.

• Freelancing isn’t a real job: You’re most likely to hear this one from parents, or members of an older generation, who have a strong mental model of what constitutes a “real job.” These folks did not have nearly as much opportunity or flexibility in their means of earning an income as we do now, living in the digital age, where more and more companies are choosing to take on remote employees, freelancers, and consultants.

As a freelancer, you’re providing services in exchange for income. That’s about as “real” as it needs to get!

• You have to take what clients offer: When I first started freelancing, I took anything and everything I could (no matter how badly paid it was, or how much I hated the work) because I thought I needed to. I thought that was the way to build a business – by being the person who never says no.

One of the biggest freelancing myths out there is that the client dictates the scope of work and price. Nuhuh. Not in my book. As a service provider, you’re offering the service so YOU get to dictate the prices. Yes, a client may have a set budget, but it’s YOU who gets the final decision on whether you work with them or not.

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